Little Learners Academy

With our Little Learners Academy for our children nearing school, your child discovers an extension of the joys of learning in a happy, secure and totally non-competitive atmosphere. We encourage creativity and curiosity. Children experience all aspects of independence from tying shoe laces, dealing with tricky lunch boxes, early math and literacy and social skills as excitement is created which is the foundation of learning. This enjoyment will last a lifetime!

We believe in letting each child work individually at his or her own pace. Learning is geared toward a ‘get ready for school’ journey. Programmes are created for children’s individual needs and children have the opportunity to work alongside passionate teachers to develop and extend their learning in all areas. We work closely with our school leavers, their families and their primary school to make their transition to school smooth and enjoyable. This programme include visits to the child’s school with a small group of their chosen friends. We have worked closely with our local school to develop a strong transition to school programme, as well as continuing to develop relationships with all of the new entrant teachers throughout Wanganui.

So climb aboard and give your child the best start on their journey through life…It all starts here!

What our parents have to say about Little Learners Academy…

“Our son Cohen started at Noah’s Ark when they opened on 18th March 2013 as a 3 year old and continued in their care until he began at school. Cohen joined Noah’s Ark’s ‘Little Learners Academy’ where he was instilled with more educational based care where we noticed he was more interested in reading and learning words. Cohen has now left Noah’s Ark and is at School and he is fascinated with reading and spelling, wanting to read books of all descriptions and spell any words he comes across. Thanks Noah’s Ark Little Learners Academy!

-Craig & Michelle Whittaker.