Transition To School

In the Mighty Monkeys Classroom the Teachers encourage all our children to be confident and competent learners. The Explorers Programme for the 4 year olds has a focus of school readiness. Children develop first hand knowledge of what school looks like through regular visits to Gonville School during school term.

We take the children on a visit to their chosen school if possible.

The Teachers lead activities that stem from the children’s interests, with a focus on early literacy and numeracy skills. Through children’s play experiences they develop dispositions to learn.

Social and emotional skills are developed through small group activities and supporting children with their interactions with peers.

Within the explorer’s group and the wider Mighty Monkey classroom we encourage tuakana/teina relationships.  This is where a child who is maybe more knowledgeable and experienced in an area share this knowledge/skill with their peers.

During the school term we have a weekly lunchbox day to help children manage their food options and open packaging etc.