Mighty Monkeys Classroom

Our Mighty Monkeys classroom offers a quality learning environment for children aged from 2.5 years to 6 years.

Mighty Monkeys is a fun environment where children can engage in a range of age appropriate activities and experiences with and alongside their peers and teachers.

Children have opportunities to build and maintain friendships, developing and enhancing their social skills.
Here in the Mighty Monkeys, children develop the skills to problem solve, negotiate, create and use their imagination as they engage in play. Our children also learnĀ kindness, self-awareness and respect for themselves, others, and our environment,

We have qualified and committed teachers who support and extend children’s skills and knowledge through our programme planning. Children have opportunities to revisit their learning by having access to their learning journals filled with learning stories, art work and photos of their experiences at Noah’s Ark.

We support children’s progression to school with our Little Learners Academy that focuses on children’s independence skills, social and life skills, language and literacy, early science and math skills which all build the foundation for and enjoyment of life long learning. We work in close relationship with Gonville School, and a group visit the new entrant classroom each week.

In the Mighty Monkeys you will see children engaged in construction, cooking, writing, storytelling, music and movement, dramatic play, creative artĀ and so much more!

Most of all, children are learning in a fun, safe and positive environment!